About   Ellie Fell

 At the age of eighteen, I trained as a croupier in Brighton. This enabled me to work on the cruise ships and I spent the next ten years travelling the world and having some amazing adventures.

 When I returned to the UK, I gave support to the elderly and housebound. This sparked an interest in working with young adults on the autistic spectrum and so I specialised in that field.

 I learned how to assess each individual and the levels of support needed to empower each person to achieve independence.

 I also worked with young adults with chronic illnesses and mental health issues. I learned a variety of skills and tactics in order to support them to achieve their goals. 

 During this time, I independently studied with the Open University and achieved a diploma in the autism spectrum in the 21st century. I also received qualifications in assertiveness training, goal setting and empowerment.

 I started up a non-profit company, Ripl Fitness, an ethical running wear company dedicated to supporting and giving back to the community. I organise various fitness events, for all abilities, which support a range of charities.

 I have always had a keen interest in Buddhism, which I relied on heavily following the death of a close friend. I now apply a lot of Buddhist philosophies to my every day life and I am a strong believer in Mindfulness practices. I can help you to let go of past worries and live in the moment. I can give you grounding techniques, if you are suffering from anxiety, and I can help you to fall in love with yourself and see the value of your being.

 As a qualified diet and nutritional advisor, I believe in the healing power of food and I can help you to determine whether or not you are developing intolerances to certain foods, which may be causing you to feel fatigued, depressed or generally unwell. It may be that your body needs nourishing after childbirth, chronic illness or a stressful event. I will work with you to determine the best dietary plan to suit your needs. If your goals are to lose weight, I can change your relationship with food and set you on a happier, healthier path.

 In my spare time I can be found running the trails, especially round the New Forest. I also practise callisthenics and yoga daily, I will support you to reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

 I am also an advocate for Women's Rights and I recently organised an event which raised over £4,000 for Women's Aid. Nearly 600 people got involved to peacefully protest that more should be done to prevent gender based violence.

 I am a strong, positive and motivated individual. I look forward to meeting you and showing you exactly what you are capable of and how to live your best life.