Wellness And Nutrition

Is weight loss an issue? Are you beginning the menopause or recovering from child birth? Are you struggling with anxiety, depression or a feeling of unease after eating? Have you been diagnosed with a food intolerance or IBS?

I can help you to regain control of your life. Food will no longer become overwhelming and, together, we will heal your gut and set you on to a path of wellness.

I will teach you how to fuel your body properly and I will help you to learn how to prioritise your own well-being through mindfulness and exercise.

Take this journey with me and change your life.


Sharon D, Hayward's Heath

Ellie has been a true inspiration to me especially over the last very difficult year. The way she supports individuals and charities is truly outstanding...Her  get up and go for life is amazing, when she pushes on through those days that aren't so easy really gives you the motivation to get up and do something. Ellie is an amazing person. 

Fran M, France

Ellie is one of the most positive people I have ever met. She is an incredibly authentic person with a natural tendency to support and help others. As well as being super smart and non judgemental, she is also highly thoughtful and compassionate towards others.

If you want a daily dose of sunshine in your life, even if it's winter, get in touch with Ellie.

Sarah T, Cardiff

Ellie is a very kind and calm person. I was really struggling with anxiety and fatigue-I just couldn't see a way forward. Ellie used a really gentle approach and we set small targets every day-which got bigger. Now I feel like my life has meaning and I really enjoy being me. I have bad days but she always picks me back up again. 


In our initial, free, 30 minute online consultation, we will discuss your ambitions. I will then come up with a plan of action based around your needs. 

It may be hard to verbalise your hopes and that's fine! It may be that you are recovering from chronic illness, PTSD, childbirth and the world is feeling very alien. I will be here for you every step of the way as you discover what truly brings you happiness and fulfillment.

If you live in the Hampshire/Dorset area I will be able to then offer you in person support, or we will continue to talk online if you are from another region.



I will be here for you. Together we will create a plan, I will meet with you for hourly sessions during the week and I will always be in touch through text message and phone calls.

We have a private online forum, where you can meet (and inspire) other people who are regaining control of their lives.

As you progress, you will find yourself wanting constantly moving the goalposts further away. It's an incredibly exciting and liberating journey resulting in you living a life that you love.

We are only limited by our imaginations.